Featured - Mansion Boot


Miron Crosby is thrilled to announce a multifaceted partnership with the revered Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek, the Texas icon and inaugural property of the Rosewood Hotels & Resorts collection.

The partnership is rooted in a shared appreciation of hand-craftsmanship, detailing and artisanship, as well as a deep dedication to Texas heritage.

To commemorate the partnership and celebrate the Mansion’s 40th anniversary, Miron Crosby has custom-designed a cowboy boot inspired by the legendary hotel’s rich history. The Mansion boot will bring an elevated offering to guests and locals while simultaneously showcasing the style and sophistication of the destination. The boot is available for custom order in the Miron Crosby studio in Dallas.




The inspirational journey behind the boot’s design began with the extensive tour of Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek and a deep-dive into its history. We contemplated the Mansion’s original owners’ tour of Europe, taking into account the Renaissance Italian influence, as well as 16th century Spanish, English and French touches that form the Mansion’s foundation. Following, we examined the return to Dallas, and the use of skilled artisans and the focus on modern sensibilities and comforts.

Physically, a few of our favorite inspirational elements at the Mansion include the cathedral doors, the carved fireplace mantles, the intricate paneling in the library, the cantilevered staircase, and the stained glass windows, anchored by the iconic Mansion quatrefoil motif, found throughout the property and grounds.