Spring/Summer 2017 Inspiration

“A yearning to be out West — tabosa flats, vast skies, rugged mountains teeming with wildlife”

Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

The Spring-Summer 2017 collection was inspired by the idea of introducing a stranger to the Southwest. We continue to explore perception  – what is truly “western” and “Southwestern?”  To answer, we took a comprehensive tour of the Southwest, during which we explored Native American textiles and handcrafts, plus vintage cowboy boots in Santa Fe, studied angles and architecture at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West, and ended at home, at our family’s ranch in the Chihuahuan Desert near the Davis Mountains in West Texas. Altogether, the collection is built on three main pillars: vintage Native American handcrafts, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie School Architecture, and Chihuahuan Desert flora and fauna.

Our brand is also informed by our commitment to authenticity.  We are committed to creating a product that is as luxurious as it is beautiful, which is why we chose to work with our cousins at the Rios of Mercedes factory in South Texas. There, craftsman with decades of experience make by hand every pair of Miron Crosby boots with a level of craftsmanship evocative of a bygone era of American handcrafts.  Our boots are one-of-a-kind: designed in New York and made in Texas, fit to be worn in locations both urban and rural, across the globe.