Margretta Navy Croc Anniversary Exclusive


Five years ago, when we started our brand and launched our collection, we made eight Margretta navy and gold boots for stock. They sold out almost immediately, and we retired the colorway to keep them collectible. Since then, they’ve been available exclusively through our custom program. Meet the Margretta navy and gold 2.0 – in all-over croc with gold metallic stars and crescent moons, this iteration will put the stars in your eyes.

Available for pre-order only, our 5 year anniversary capsule collection is limited edition. These exclusive designs are available by special pre-order until August 1, 2022. Pre-ordered boots will deliver by December 15, 2022. 

  • Tall boot with 15" shaft upper
  • Point A toe 
  • Stacked leather heel measures approximately 2"
  • Navy Nile belly croc vamps and shaft uppers inlayed and appliquéd with gold metallic leather stars and crescent moons
  • Ear pulls inlayed with a pair of lazy stars
  • Signature cluster counter appliqué of lazy stars
  • Leather lining and sole
  • Handmade in Texas

    We select each Miron Crosby leather and material for its exceptional quality. Leathers will deepen and soften over time to develop distinct patinas.  Marks and wrinkles are not imperfections, instead, they are reflective of the organic nature of the material. 

    To be sure your boot last a lifetime, please remember to: 

    Clean | Clean boots with a soft cloth and non-alkaline leather cleaner, then rinse with water. We recommend Lexol Leather Cleaner. 

    Condition | Conditioning boots regularly will allow colors and textures to become richer with every wear. We recommend Lexol Leather Conditioner. Always clean before conditioning. 

    Keep Cool and Dry | Direct heat is hazardous to your boots. If they get wet, air dry them upright with inserted boot trees.

    Our luxury cowboy boots are designed to hug the instep of your foot and to slip in the heel. Traditionally, cowboy boots were designed to slip in the heel so as to correctly sit in the stirrups of a saddle. Your boots, however, should not slip so much in the heel that you experience discomfort. 

    All Miron Crosby boots come with a pair of removable insoles. Our boots are made to be worn with or without them — it is completely your personal preference, but often customers prefer the insoles for a bit of cushion and to have the boots fit more snugly. If you are having a hard time getting your boots on, we recommend removing your insoles. Alternatively, if you feel they are a bit big, we recommend inserting the insoles. 

    We always recommend that you try your boots on with the types of socks you typically wear with your boots so that you can ascertain how they feel with socks on. 

    We are often asked if the boots will stretch. They will not stretch, but with wear, they will break in and mold comfortably to the shape of your foot.