Customization is available exclusively through our concierge design service, which can be experienced in our Dallas boutique or at one of our traveling pop-up shows. If you are not in the Dallas area, check here for information on a pop-up in a city near you!

Our concierge design service allows customers to create a one-of-a-kind pair of boots. Customers can modify an existing silhouette with an array of leathers and exotic materials, including Sleek and Roughout Leather, Full Quill Ostrich, Stingray and Nile Belly Crocodile, in twenty-two colors, spanning the rainbow. Each pair can be further customized with a monogram, ranch brand, or logo.

In addition to custom design, clients can pen a handwritten message that will be transcribed onto leather and sewn into the lining of the boot. This is our favorite part of the custom program — we are hoping to afford our clients the opportunity to build an heirloom, a keepsake that denotes a special life event and that will be passed down for generations.


Enter our Dallas boutique and design studio, have a drink and take a seat at our marble design table. Our “magic box” contains all of the elements of our custom design program, including leather swatches, thread bobbins, acrylic tiles printed with our signature fonts, and examples of personal messages which can be penned and sewn into the lining of your custom boots.

We created our custom program to be super personal and high-touch. Working with a member of our team, customers can examine and touch every element of the boots we will build especially for them. We hope our customers have not only a fabulous pair of boots when they are done, but a wonderful and unique experience in the process itself.

We are open Tuesday-Saturday, 10AM – 6PM, or by appointment. Shoot us an email at or call us at 214.238.3385 to schedule an appointment.