Ear Pull Customization

Make it your own!  Personalize an existing stock boot online today. Once you have designed your boots, our artisans will hand-inlay your design vertically in leather on the exterior ear pulls. Inlaying happens when leather is applied under the cutout of the piece of leather above so that the color of your initials is embedded under the color of the existing ear pull, but is flush with the surface.

How it works: 

- Select your boot style and size. 

- Customize the ear pulls to your liking: choose a monogram color from an array of leather options, and one of our signature fonts, block or script.

- As soon as we receive your order, our artisans will begin the process of customizing your boots, which takes approximately 3-4 weeks.

Customize Your Pair

Concierge Design

Full customization is available exclusively through our concierge design service, which may be experienced at both our Dallas and Aspen boutique studio. For more information, please email info@mironcrosby.com or call 214.238.3385.

Our concierge design service allows customers to create a one-of-a-kind pair of boots. Customers may modify an existing silhouette with an array of leathers and exotic materials. Each pair may be further customized with a monogram, ranch brand, or logo.

In addition to custom design, clients may pen a handwritten message that will be transcribed onto leather and sewn into the lining of the boot. This is our favorite part of the custom program as it affords our clients the opportunity to build a keepsake that memorializes a special life event and that will be passed down for generations.


Rios Of Mercedes

Our production is done entirely by hand at the Rios of Mercedes factory in south Texas,  which has been in existence since the late 1860’s. There, artisans with decades of experience hand make every pair of Miron Crosby boots. As with all of the work on our boots, customization is done entirely by hand, so it may not perfectly match what you see on your computer screen. Any imperfections in the leather are not flaws, but are due to the organic nature of the material.